Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Beginning

Hey there! How nice of you to stop by. My name is Lilje and I'm writing this post in a hammock in Koh Phangan, Thailand. This is not actually where I live, though, as we're only here to escape the Berlin winter. And no, I'm not German either, but a Finn. Yes, Finland, the land of snow, the Moomins... and Santa Claus!

But this blog is not about Thailand, Germany or Finland. It's about the things I love, which are baking, knitting and all sorts of odd projects and bits and pieces about my life. Baking is something I've done for a while now and the results are usually pretty ok, if I say so myself. Knitting is a more recent discovery. I've done the occasional sock before but after knitting a hat and mittens last winter I noticed that it is something I really like doing. So now, in Thailand (of all places), I have harassed family members to send me yarn and needles with visiting relatives, and have started knitting like a crazy person. The results... well, the name of the blog says it all really. They don't always go like in the magazines or knitting how-to-do videos. I'm still trying to get the hang of making heel decreases without holes, getting the tension counting done correctly and so on and so forth. But whatever the result, at least there is lots of love (in addition to all the sweat and sometimes tears...) put in all of my creations.

As I don't have a proper oven here in our little jungle hut, the sweeter side of this blog will have to wait until April when we return to Berlin. There have been a couple of ventures into the world of raw vegan cakes, so there might be something to report on that front as well, but for now, the needles will do most of the talking.

As this is a new blog, I realize that it might take a while before anyone will start reading this, but until (if) I have readers, I will just pretend that there is a huge horde of you, eager to find out what's going on, like a bunch of imaginary friends. But if there are actually some human readers out there, I'd be delighted if you'd leave a comment. Any language is fine, but I read only English, Finnish, German and Swedish fluently ;).

With this view from our balcony, I'll leave you for now. So nice to be finally blogging again! Yay :)

Oh, and PS. If you want to read more about our Thailand trip, click.

With love, Lilje


  1. What a cute blog! And you seem to get around!!! Very cool. Thailand, that sounds like a dream!!

  2. Ooh, thanks :) Yep, Thailand is wonderful and we will definitely come back soon, but now my heart misses Berlin... I know I'll be missing the sun and the palm trees soon enough when we get back though!

    1. hahaha, yes, murphy's law. isn't always like this?


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