Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The First Purse

So, I promised you some crafts as well. Recently I've been daydreaming about sewing and making small, cute things which I could give as presents. On Sunday a small scale web shopping frenzy struck me, and I ordered a bunch of stull that will come very handy indeed for this purpose. Yesterday I received the first package with purse frames and immediately had to rush to the fabric store to get interfacing (Bügeleinlage/tukikangas. You learn new words everyday when you're crafting in a foreign country.)

I got so far as cutting the purse pieces and ironing on the interfacing yesterday, and today (despite I had work to do) I couldn't wait any longer: so out with the sewing machine, and one-two-three-SEW!

And lo and behold, only about half an hour later:

It is soooo pretty! Isn't it? And how easy was that! I dreaded the part of glueing the frame on but it was a total piece of cake as well. The instructions for this lovely purse can be found here in English or here in Finnish. I orderer the purse frames from Dawanda shop Bügel-Kram, but I'm sure you can find them close to where you live as well. 

I am totally hooked onto making these now, so stay tuned for more lovelies. I have just the fabric for it as well... I'll show you later on :) //

Kauhea ompeluvimma on iskenyt, ja pussukoiden tekoa on pitänyt kokeilla jo pitkään. Vihdoin sain tilattua näitä kukkarokehyksiä (vai mikä lie niiden nimi on) ja KATSOKAA MITEN HIENO SIITÄ TULI! Ei vitsi että olen onnessani. Ja niin helppoa! *kevättanssi* Nyt kaikki heti kokeilemaan, linkki ohjeisiin löytyy yläpuolelta jostain.

With love, Lilje


  1. Wow! Those purses will make great gifts. Lovely.

    1. Thank you so much! It's so nice to get comments from my readers <3 I really got hooked on making these little pouches, so easy and pretty!


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