Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Fabric Mania #1

Hi there! Is it already spring where you're at? It is sooo nice here now: the trees have sprouted leaves in two weeks, there seem to be more sunny days than cloudy, and the temperatures have climbed to almost +20 or even above, like this weekend. The Berliners are out and about in their shorts and flip-flops which seems really really weird and crazy for someone like me, who can barely take off her winter coat before the thermometer reaches +25. But hey, you need to enjoy the nice days while they last, eh?

So, enough of the weather worship. I've actually managed to do something as well and not just bask in the sun. There will be a couple of posts, so bear with me!

Is there a saying for how good spring and sewing go together? No? Well, there should be. It seems that all I can think about this spring are fabrics and what I could (and should!) make of them. I've gone slightly bonkers in the fabric shops... Here are a couple of lovely ones. Aren't they precious? I don't know how ANYONE can resist something like this. I sure can't! Stay tuned for projects from these lovelies <3 //

Ilmat on lähiakoina kovasti hellineet berliiniläisiä. Rohkeimmat (eli lähes kaikki muut kuin minä) vetää menemään läppösissä ja shortseissa vaikka ei täällä nyt oikeesti ihan niin lämmin oo. Oon tehnytkin jotain, mutta siitä enemmän myöhemmin. Tässä ensin iiiihania kankaita: eiks oo söpöjä? Iih! <3

With love, Lilje


  1. sehr schön!! Ich bin gespannt ^^

    1. Ooh danke dir <3 Mal schauen was ich damit nähen kann :) Ein paar posts kommen erst nach Muttertag, so as not to spoil the surprise... ;)


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