Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Summer Tote

As I mentioned a few posts before, I've been bitten by the sewing bug. There's no cure; you just have to accept the fact that you will be buzzing all your spare time away with your sewing machine. But I don't mind, as there are still more little gifts I want to make for friends and family before our trip to Finland in a month.

Here's the next project. When I saw the tutorial for this inside out bag I knew that this would SO be the next thing I'd do (over and over). I've never sewn a tote bag before even though they are super easy to make, but this one combined bias tapes with the design, so there was a bit more to do than just sew the seams together.

I am completely in love with the colours! Yes of course there are spots that don't bear looking at too closely and it's not completely straight, but all in all I'm very pleased in how it turned out. The bigger pocket panel on the other side of the bag is a bit floppy as I didn't use interfacing, so I'm thinking I might add a button there just to prevent it from collapsing in use. 

The final touch that makes the tote really pop are the überlovely iron-ons by Sukie that I found as a little book from a crafts shop. Such adorable designs! I guarantee that you'll be seeing more of them later on. //

Lisää viemisiä: aivan supersuloinen kesäkassi! Ja niin helppo tehdä. Piste iin päällä ovat nuo Sukien silitettävät kuvat. Mielettömän söpöjä printtejä, ei mitään järkeä. Hehkutanko vielä lisää vai uskotteko jo? :) Tätä kassia kantsii kyllä kokeilla! Paitsi ehkä jos käyttää taskukankaaksi ohutta kangasta niin kantsii laittaa myös tukikangaskerros. Nyt on isompi tasku vähän liian lerpsu, siihen pitää ehkä laittaa nappi ylälaitaan.

With love, Lilje


  1. A unique bag and very eye-catching.

    1. Thank you <3 It was such a fun project to make :) I'm sure I'll do another one soon, stay tuned :)


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