Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Purse Mania

The summer is finally here in full force, and I just started my holiday! That's the good news. The bad news is, that next week Berlin is going to get a heat wave from Sahara, and guess where I will be then? In Finland. Where we're lucky if it's above +15. Oh well. But at least there will be friends to keep us warm both in body and spirit. So yay for holidays. And yay for gifts! It goes without saying that I cannot go see my friends and family empty handed. So, when in doubt, sew purses. Lots of them. In all colors. Who could resist them? Not me :)

Something weird happened while I was sewing, though. Remember when I told with the last batch that I really didn't need such a big gap there where the purse frame ends and the purse begins? Well, I did remember, and left less space there. But when I'd finished glueing the frames in place, guess what? The gap was even bigger than before! Graah! So more hand-sewing for me. Next time I will add no allowance between the frame hinge and the purse. Let's see how it works then...

I finally got to use the owl fabric that I bought ages ago!

Nom nom feed us!
Läjä söpöisiä pussukoita viemisiksi Suomeen <3

With love, Lilje

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