Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Christmas X-travaganza

I love Christmas. Completely and totally. I love the decorations (yes, already in November), the lights that brighten up the darkness outside, the smell of baking wafting from the kitchen, the carols, buying gifts and receiving them, getting together to enjoy cups of mulled wine with friends or family. Lighting candles and curling up under a warm blanket to watch whatever is on TV, knitting, listening to music... Get the picture? :)

Last year the Christmas Lover in me got to play second fiddle to the Tropics Girl. Thailand was lovely even in Christmas time, but somehow hanging a couple of baubles on a clothes line in our jungle hut didn't really fulfill all the Christmassy cravings in me.

So, this year I decided to go totally overboard. Christmas for everyone! Cookies! Deco! Candles! Presents! And I got started early to be able to enjoy it all as long as possible.

So, here a couple of pics of the deco I've come up with so far and the first cookies. More to follow.


With love, Lilje

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