Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Night At The Doctor's

So yes, holiday. Bali is lovely, and Ubud, the place we're staying at, even lovelier. Like last time. But it is the rainy season. It seems that we've been spoilt rotten on our little Thai island that has seen such a small amount of downppo. It's supposed to be monsoon there as well, but it has rained, like seriously rained, only a couple of days during our whole stay there.

Here it seems to be another story. And I don't really mind the weather - you can always go and take a 5 h package of wraps, massages, scrubs and whathaveyou in a nice spa somewhere if it's raining cats and dogs. But I do mind, when life decides that holidays are as good a time as any to make my boyfriend start puking his guts out for several hours. Luckily there is a small clinic nearby and we got a drip in him and some meds going. After a fretful night all seems to be in the mend, and were already back "home", looking at the gray sky through the window.

Well, there are still plenty of days left. Things can only get better from this, right? Right? //

Hyvää lomaa täällä, joku karman kosto kai tämä, mies sai tosi äkäisen oksupöpön ja yö vietettiin tippa kädessä klinikalla. Nyt jo parempaan päin. Säät ei nyt suosi myöskään, sadekausi. Sainpahan ostettua potilasta odotellessa uunilämpömittarin ja luettua The Helppiä. Jotain hyvää sentään.

With love, Lilje

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