Monday, 18 March 2013

The Almost Matching Socks

These socks were a work in progress before we left for our trip, and I finished them off when we returned. In these (unlike these), the Drops yarn's colour pattern surprisignly decided to actually almost match in both socks. Shock horror!

I originally knit these for myself, but as I already got the wonky ones, I decided to brighten my boyfriend's day with them.

Nice and colourful they are, maybe not the springiest of colours but hey, there's still snow here... Anyway, I wish you all a happy and warm start to the week. Hope you don't need woolly socks, wherever you are :) //

Värikkäiden sukkien langan väri mätsäsi (melkein). Aika yllättävä veto. Iloista viikonalkua ja vähempilumisia toivotuksia...

With love, Lilje

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