Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Easter Mobile

I can't believe it's already Easter! Well, technically not, but when I listen closely, I can already hear the Easter Bunny loading chocolate eggs into her basket (there is a distinct sound to that! Just imagine.) We are totally ready for her to hop along and bring the joy to us all (or wait, was that Santa? anyway...). All the deco is now done, all we need to do is finalize the menu, go grocery shopping (already bought the lamb today!), wait for the guests and then cook and enjoy :)

But the apartment looks lovely already. The final touch was the Easter mobile that I got done yesterday. Long in the planning, I am so happy that it turned out exactly like I had envisioned. I saw an image more like the one I made in a blog somewhere, but didn't bookmark it (silly me), so now it's lost. Here are a couple of pics from Pinterest though, that have inspired me. This is actually my first Pinterest-inspired post: we talked about it with fellow blogger Julie from Julie's schöne welt and decided we'd do something Pinterestey together. So here is the first post from me for that theme :)


So what I did was buy some felt and wooden pearls and grab a branch from the forest while visiting the horsey and paint it white. And this is what happened after:

 My very first and own Easter mobile! And super easy and fast to make. The little colourful felt dots in the collage lower left corner were my solution to keeping the beads in place: just twist the thread and make a knot, stab one of the dots with the needle and pull it onto the knot. Voilá: pearl stopper! Plus they look cute.

So, with this post I wish you all Happy Easter! May the days be merry and bright, and may all your Easter-ses be non-white (or white, if you're into skiing). I'll post of our food extravaganza later on (after we've digested it all). Bye until then :) //

Tässä ihkaensimmäinen pääsiäismobile! Tuli just sellanen kun olin suunnitellut, jee! Näillä kuvilla toivottelen kaikille iloista ja munaisaa pääsiäistä :)

Love, Lilje


  1. It really looks sooo sweet and must have been tons of work! <3

    1. Ooh thanks <3 It wasn't really that much work to be honest, and super easy to change according to the season :)

    2. freu mich außerdem sehr darauf dich beim bloggertreffen mal in natura zu sehen!! :)

    3. Jaah, echt! Ich auch. Freufreu :)


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