Friday, 15 March 2013

The Easter Countdown

We're home! Oooh it's so good to be back. After the nastiness of dengue fever the last weeks in Thailand were less than optimal, and I was completely ready when the plane took off and we left the land of smiles and sun behind. Yes, we will be back, but for now I'm enthusiastically planning DIY projects and waiting for Easter in Berlin, where there are no nasty dengue mozzies.

Which brings us to this post. Easter! What better reason to dig out the deco and go shopping for a bit more. As I missed Christmas, the decoration freak in me is rubbing its furry paws together with glee. I think I might get a bit carried away this year... *smirk*

So, what have we done here? The bowl with the bunnies is filled with some very German Easter grass (it's HARD trying to find the actual living grass you grow yourself from seeds. The Germans looove their paper grass...), small decorative egg shells and felt balls. And ribbons! I am totally in love with them: it makes the whole world of difference when you just add a little bit of ribbon here and there. Or what do you think?

Tweet says the bird
Then there are the two candle holders, one with egg shells again and the other with small glass eggs from a lovely Finnish home decoration store Pentik. Both eggs are lying on a comfy bed of dried moss. I also wrapped two ex-dessert glasses with ribbon to make them more Eastery. Easy peasy.

Eggsies and ribbonsies, my precioussss...

Now I'll withdraw into my lair filled with all things flully and bunny-shaped. Stay tuned for more Easter related madness! //

Kotona! Ehkä mahtavinta ikinä. Denguekuumeen kourissa ja siitä toipuessa ei viimeiset viikot Thaikkulassa kovin hauskoja olleet. Nyt onkin sitten sitäkin ihanampaa puuhailla kotohommia, laitella pääsiäistä ja näperrellä projekteja. Eikös ole söpöjä nämä pääsiäisjutskat? Nauhoilla saa niin paljon kevätfiilistä aikaan :)

With love, Lilje

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